Made with care



Handmade makes all the difference

Handmade products are a big trend lately and supporting small business is very important for helping them grow and survive in the world of big business. Handmade products are unique and cannot be duplicated, giving someone a handmade gift is what makes them all the more appreciative.

Our products are made with the best ingredients for you and have benefits like, soothing sore or aching muscles, clearing up acne scars over time, and moisturizing the skin. 

Always made with Love

Our products are made with love, care, and you in mind. We want customers to have a good experience using our products so we always put some extra love and effort into making them. We want all our customers to Slaye their day!

Never Tested 
on Animals

We test all our prodcts ourselves to make sure they are good enough for you and care about any allergies or sensitivities a consumer may have. We advise all consumers to take a look at the ingredient list before buying a product in case you have certain sensitivities.


We care about our customers and want you all to be safe.

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Cleveland, Ohio

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